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The concept of HOUSE BLEND CAFE developed over the course of several years of dreaming of a creative way to connect with people, impact lives and see community happen the way it’s supposed to.

We’ve committed that 100% of our net profit will be used to love and serve people in our community and around the world. We don’t generally get involved in things where we we simply write a check, rather we give back in a way that will meet needs and create relational connection. That includes feeding the homeless, funding services for women and children in need, home renovation projects and helping to restore neighborhoods, supporting other people who have a heart to serve, and even helping to start other HOUSE BLEND CAFE’s in other communities so that they can begin to love and serve their neighbors.

What is Love?

Very Simply – Love is Others Above Self.

I think, as a society, we’ve grown to believe that love is this warm fuzzy feeling that we get when we’re excited about something or someone. While that is an absolutely amazing feeling, the problem with this perception is that at any moment that feeling goes away, we’re ready to move on to the next something or someone that gives us that feeling.At HOUSE BLEND CAFE we exist to see community happen the way it should. Families are the building blocks of community. When families crumble, community crumbles. Love is a commitment and it is putting others first, no matter what. When we do that, magic happens!Love is a Verb – Love is putting other people’s needs above our own.Let’s make a difference together!

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